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Ladies Double Layer Blue Denim Aramid* Jeans (bp451)

Ladies Double Layer Blue Denim Aramid* Jeans

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    Ladies Double Layer Blue Denim Aramid* Jeans  

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   Viscotec Hip Armour £16.50
   Viscotec Knee Armour £16.50

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To minimise your inconvenience and expense, it is advisable to look at our size chart before ordering this item.

If you require any help with sizing, please don't hesitate to contact us: 024 76466 296.


A high-rise bike jean made for women in quality denim with 2% elastane to give a flattering contoured slim-fit. Not to mention a comfortable fit.

Next to the skin is a 100% cotton Airtex lining. The Airtex nature of the cotton makes it breathable meaning the jeans are comfortable to wear. But it doesn’t just serve a comfort purpose.

A natural, cotton lining next to the skin is your final line of defence in the event of a slide. The friction heat the slide generates won’t melt the lining in to your skin, like a man-made lining (like polyester or nylon) is prone to do.

*Lining the bum, hips, knees and shins you have 100% genuine DuPont™ Aramid Kevlar® fibre abrasion resistant material.

An optional extra that we strongly advise for these fantastic jeans is our fully adjustable Rida-Tec armour system.

The Rida-Tec Technology

Viscotec CE memory armour is available for hips and knees. This can be positioned exactly where is right for you and the dense memory material absorbs the impact of a fall off the bike, heavily reducing the trauma transferred to your bones.

Another benefit of this armour is its feathered edges. It is cleverly designed to fit the contours of your hips and knees and lie flat and comfortably against you, meaning it is almost undetectable from the outside.

No ugly and uncomfortable seams/leg joins. One piece legs for style, comfort and most importantly - safety. The fewer the seams, the stronger the garment.

Standard leg length: 34".

Fully washable.

If you want a pair of jeans to wear on the bike that fit you in all the right places, look like normal straight-leg denim jeans, but offer so much more, these Slim Fit Denim Aramid Jeans were made for you!

PLEASE NOTE: Denim shades vary.

How to Fit our Fully Adjustable CE Armour:
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