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How to Look After Your Leather

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Leather Motorcycle Gear

All of the recommendations below relate to all of our leather motorcycle clothing from leather jackets, leather jeans, leather boots, leather gloves, leather waistcoats and leather luggage.

Although we feel we offer motorcycle clothing that represents fantastic value for money, we appreciate that spending £150+ on a leather motorcycle jacket is still a lot of money. As most of you know, we design and construct our gear to last and many of you have owned leather jackets and leather jeans from us for many years.

However, there needs to be a bit of team work involved. The people who find their gear lasts the longest are the ones who look after their leather, keep it clean and treat it regularly. It’s worth the effort.

So what does caring for your leather mean?

If Your Leather Gets Wet

If you’re caught in a shower, do not expose your leather garment to heat or sunlight. Let it dry naturally at room temperature.

If Your Leather Gets REALLY Wet

If you’re caught in a downpour and your leather is exposed to the elements for a prolonged period of time, blot it with a dry towel and remove any heavy objects from the pockets (to avoid shape distortion) then let it air dry naturally at room temperate. Do not heat or leave it in sunlight.

When Your Leather is Grubby

You’re bound to get dirty marks on your leathers from time to time (not to mention a swarm of dead insects). Use a damp cloth to gently wipe the grubbiness away and allow to air dry naturally.

When Your Leather is Stained

For those stubborn marks, use a bowl of warm water containing a little washing up liquid, dampen your cloth and wipe until the stubborn stain is removed. Make sure there aren’t any soapy suds left on the leather before allowing to air dry naturally.

Alternatively, you can use Autoglym Leather Cleaner if you prefer not to faff about with bowls of water. Just follow the instructions on the bottle. It works a treat.

Now that your leather is clean and dry, here is how you keep it in good supple condition for the long-term.

Every 6 months or so, you should be treating your leather (jacket, jeans, waistcoats, boots, gloves and luggage alike) with a leather conditioning care balm. Our care balm contains natural oils to protect and moisturise the leather. This will go a long way in preventing your gear from drying out and becoming hard and uncomfortable (and eventually cracking). It ‘feeds’ the leather.

For an extra protecting step, you can always spray your gear with a light mist of good quality leather guard spray. This adds a thin barrier layer to the leather that helps it withstand the elements.

If you follow all the steps above, you’ll find that your leather motorcycle clothing lasts a lot longer and stays in much better condition. If you don’t follow the steps, you’ll still have great gear (if it’s from us, of course) you just might find it starts to dry out and eventually crack which will affect not only the leather but will also compromise the strength of the stitching.

We’re not sure why we’re telling you all this. Our gear lasts too long as it is! For those of you who’ve had our jackets, jeans, waistcoats etc for more than decade, you can stop looking after your gear now and come back to see us for replacements – you’ve had your money’s worth! ;-)