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A Message from the New Owner of Bikers Paradise

Introducing Will Norman

July 2023

Dear Customers,
This is the first time you’re hearing from me directly – I’m the guy who saved this wonderful business.

Some questions and answers:

Who am I?

I am Will Norman, a biker since I was 13 years old (a very long time ago…I remember Agostini!).

I’ve been a customer of Bikers Paradise for over 20 years and I love this place. When I heard it was going to close down I just couldn’t see how that should even be possible, and so I stepped in to help.

I was raised in the Isle of Man by motorbike racers, and in due course I became one myself.

I restore motorbikes, it’s a hobby. Everything from Triumph Bonnevilles to the 2 strokes from the late eighties.

I live, sleep and breathe motorbikes.

I’m also from the world of big industry – I’ve supported some of the biggest companies in the world.

I will continue that work so I can pump in the money this wonderful business needs in these difficult times.

Taking over Bikers Paradise

It’s been a difficult time in so many ways, there was more behind the scenes that anyone could comprehend.

However I’m here, and I’m moving forward.

But not on my own, the Bikers Paradise team, including the former owners, are all still here – and their families. I’m stuck with all of them, and they are stuck with me!

My job is 3 fold – bank, business consultant and chief floor sweeper.

We are a team, and we will keep it that way. We all want the same thing, to see this fine business survive and prosper.

How are we doing?

We are in unprecedented times – record taxes, record interest rates and record inflation. Times are tough, really tough.

However this isn’t forever.

Swap rates on the international markets have just started to fall, this means we are about to reach peak interest rates. Inflation is starting to fall in some commodities.

Taxes are forecast to reduce as the government balances its books.

All of this means that in the long term life will start to recover. In the short term however we are in survival mode like every other business is in these times.

What are we doing to deal with the current times?

We want to keep our customers on the road. We want our customers to help us to keep on the road too!

There has not been a single redundancy since I took over, the wonderful team are our biggest asset, and you can count on it, they’re staying.

We’ve introduced a payment plan called “Pay in 3” with PayPal where our customers can pay for any items over £30 in instalments to help to spread the costs.

Just choose PayPal as your payment option during checkout and you can select to “Pay in 3” through PayPal.

If it helps you it helps us. Every sale is one more chance that we can cover our bills – such is the times we’re in at the moment.

We’re also going to be introducing more products into our range, please keep an eye out for some exciting new lines.

More to follow

That’s all from me for now. But you will be hearing from me regularly.

Remember I’m from the Isle of Man, so if I get enough interest I might be persuaded to organise a trip to the Manx Grand Prix – you’ll never get a better tour guide, or a free one for that matter, but it might cost you a few beer tokens!

From September I’m moving close to the factory so I can start to spend more time there and meet our customers.

That means Saturdays will be my main day, but the staff can reach out to me at any time.

I want Bikers Paradise to grow its social activities – we’re all bikers, and that’s what we like to do.

So I look forward to getting to meeting all of you in due course.

In the meantime I want to say thank you from all of us at Bikers Paradise for all your loyal custom, Malc and Alec would be so grateful and so proud. Our job is to make sure their legacy survives.

Safe Biking.

Will - Owner, Bikers Paradise

Will Norman - New Owner of BP

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