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Motorbike Helmets - A Guide

The only thing that you're required to wear by law when riding a motorcycle in the UK. So, pretty important!

We all know that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous and we think all aspects of the gear you wear while riding is important. That's why we offer the highest quality protective motorcycle clothing from head to toe.

But when it comes to your noggin, you really can't afford to take any chances.

No matter the style you're after, be it full face, open face or flip front, your helmet should always be ECE22.05 approved for safety. This is the modern equivalent of the ACU Gold sticker if you're familiar with that.

Any helmet you buy from us will be ECE22.05 approved.


Fit is key for most items of motorcycle clothing and motorcycle helmets are no exception.

For a good fit, you want the cheek pads to feel tight and really squash your cheeks in. This is because the cheek pads will compact with wear so if they aren't squishing your cheeks when new, the helmet won't be a snug, safe fit once worn in.

You don't want any discomfort on your forehead. This means the helmet is too small. This discomfort will never diminish and will be an unwanted distraction when riding.

It's always best to have a brand new helmet that only you wear. The helmet will mould to your head shape so you don't want a second-hand lid that has moulded to someone else's head!

What Size Motorbike Helmet Do You Need?

If you come in and see us for a fitting, we will measure your head and guide/advise you from there to ensure you get the best fit we can offer.

However, if you're ordering your helmet online, this is the best way to measure your head, in centimetres:

Motorbike Helmet Size Guide

Sizes are generally as follows:

XS = 53-54cm / S = 55-56cm / M = 57-58cm / L = 59-60cm / XL = 61-62cm / XXL = 63-64cm

Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

For full coverage, you'll want a full face motorcycle helmet. These offer optimal protection and a more comfortable riding experience in bad weather.

Full Face Motorbike Helmets

Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

Although you compromise a little on safety with an open face helmet rather than a full face helmet, for a lot of riders, it's worth it to get the style they want that suits their style of motorcycling (cruiser, classic, touring etc).

A lot also prefer an open face for summer riding as they find it more comfortable and less claustrophobic while having the advantage of a wider field of vision in order to take in more scenery (many open face helmets have a built-in, retractable sun visor for extra convenience).

Open Face Motorbike Helmets

Flip Front Motorcycle Helmets

Get the best of both worlds with a flip front helmet. Although you can't ride with it flipped open (unless you have one that flips right back and locks into place), they offer the security of riding in a full face while being comfortable and convenient to flip open for some air when at a stop.

But the main pro of a flip front helmet? No need to remove it when paying for fuel, just flip it up!

Flip Front Motorbike Helmets

What If I Order the Wrong Size Motorbike Helmet?

The best option is always to come in for a proper helmet fitting to ensure it feels right before you purchase.

But don't worry if you have to order online. You can return the helmet for an exchange or refund if it isn't suitable. We just ask that you please be very careful when handling the helmet and pack it up as safely and securely as possible.

The motorcycle helmet will also arrive with a security tag attached. Any returned helmet MUST have this tag still attached by its original fastening. We are strictly unable to accept returned helmets without this tag in place.

We hope this guide has been of some help for those of you in the market for a new motorbike helmet.

Here at Bikers Paradise, you will find quality ECE22.05 approved motorbike helmets that offer fantastic value for money. You don't need to break the bank to protect your bonce.

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