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A Superior Fit

Poorly Fitting Motorcycle Clothing is Dangerous

Here's why:

Leather motorcycle clothing is best bought slightly tight, not loose or too comfortable (to start with).

Leather will naturally “give” with wear. A well-fitting leather jacket or jeans eventually becomes like a second skin as it moulds to your shape and stretches very slightly over time.

If when you buy your leather motorcycle jacket or leather motorcycle jeans they are very comfortable and easy to move around in, you’ll find after a few months that they become baggy.

A good fitting jacket will be a snug fit around the bottom, keeping the driving wind out and your body heat in whilst also staying where it should be in the event of an offy!

This isn’t too much of a problem with fashion leathers, but with motorcycle leathers, it is important that the fit remains as snug as possible to give the thoroughly-thought-out construction and top quality materials the chance to do the best job they were designed for – to help protect you.


In the old days, leather motorcycle jackets would only fit you where they touched with cuff diameters virtually the same as fashion jackets.

Cuffs with a large diameter do not fit snugly around the wrist, which not only restricts glove fitting but, upon contact with the road, a large cuff will easily allow the sleeve to slide up the arm exposing your bare/unprotected flesh to the road! Not good. At all.

It is imperative (and in-line with CE regulations) that cuffs are a good snug fit.

That is why our motorcycle jackets are designed and produced with snug cuffs to help prevent this potentially very painful and/or disabling injury from occurring.

The better and more snugly the cuffs of your leather bike jacket fit you, the less chance the sleeve has of riding up your arm, leaving the sleeve in place to do its job.

Armour Fitting

Any garment with hard moulded armour (which we don’t recommend) should be a tight fit with the armour in exactly the right place. We’re all so different that it’s hard to find such a garment off the rack. That’s why we have what we believe to be a much better method when it comes to armour fitting.

It is critical that the armour is in the correct position for you. A well-fitting leather jacket or jeans goes a long way to facilitating this. But the armour system itself also needs to be carefully designed.

CE Markings and Regulations

Safe Motorcycling = Leather

The Importance of Lining

Stitching and Thread

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