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Motorcycle Clothing Construction

Our Motorcycle Clothing Construction

Remember, when purchasing your leathers, it's what you don't see that makes the difference - as far as safety is concerned.

Over the last 40 years, we have seen huge advancements in the development of motorcycle clothing. Especially since 1995 with the advent of CE marking for this type of motorcycle clothing.

Allow us to pass on our 40+ years’ worth of knowledge with an in-depth look at each component required to make the best motorcycle clothing and how we design and construct our motorcycle clothing with all of this knowledge firmly at the forefront of the process.

CE Markings and Regulations Safe Motorcycling = Leather The Importance of Lining How is your motorcycle gear held together? Superior Fitting Motorcycle Leathers Exclusive Rida-Tec Armour System

Whether you’re a classic, cruiser or sports touring style rider, the gear you buy can and should be made to the minimum of modern safety standards.

Unfortunately, even many very highly priced brands do not construct their gear to all of the stringent standards described above. So price does not necessarily mean you have the full protection you could have.

We don’t believe in charging our customers more than we need to in order to produce the best possible motorbike clothing and we think the reputation we’ve maintained since 1971 speaks to this like nothing else can.

When it comes to purchasing your gear for riding, take a closer look – it’s your skin.

Bikers Paradise – Engineering in Leather. Designed and manufactured by real bikers who know.

The Proof is in the Gear