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About Bikers Paradise

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At our essence, we are a very small motorbike clothing company and we’ve been looking after the bikers of the UK, and beyond, for decades. Specialists in classic, cruiser and touring motorcycle clothing.

How did we become the highly regarded and respected, small family company we are today?

It all began back in 1966 when two young couples became next door neighbours in a quiet Coventry Crescent.

Alec and his wife, Anita soon became firm friends with their new neighbours, Malc and Sheila.

A 1960s Coventry City Centre

While Alec was busy creating himself a successful career in pattern-making for the motor industry, Malc was busy doing the same thing as a tool-maker. Anita and Sheila enjoyed their home lives bringing up their growing broods.

It was a happy and comfortable time... But both men longed to be their own boss.

Fast-forward to…


Leather clothing was all the rage in the UK and Malc and Alec saw an opportunity.

But, with families to support, caution needed to be taken. So, while the men kept their jobs, Anita and Sheila got to work making leather mini-skirts, waistcoats and suede suits in their spare time and started hosting leather parties in homes all around Coventry. Both families could only hope these parties would be a success so they could finally begin to control their own destinies.

Good news... The leather parties were a big hit! They couldn't make leather garments quickly enough for the demand.

This was all the encouragement both families needed.


Malc and Alec took their redundancies and worked together on creating a mini-leather-empire under a mash-up of both of their names – Malec Leathers - on markets all over the Midlands.

Up they'd get in the early hours, come rain or shine and travel to the best markets and set up their leather-wares, ready for a 6am start. On the weekends, their kids loved to get involved with a helping hand.

Malec Markets

The markets offered both families a decent living for many years and the men looked back on that time with fondness. But, by the early 80s, the 6am starts and freezing winters spent outdoors prompted them to start looking for premises to set up shop.


They found 7 Portway Close in 1982. By this time they'd ventured into manufacturing motorbike leathers (due to Malc being an avid motorcyclist) as well as fashion leathers... And Bikers Paradise was born.

As well as their wives, Malc and Alec went on to employ more staff - some of whom rewarded the company with 30 years of loyal service.

Bikers Paradise Motorbike Clothing 1990s

In the years that have followed, we have achieved a high level of excellence in the production of motorcycle clothing, earning awards and accolades from some of the industry’s leading magazines.

MCN 4* Rating RiDE Magazine Best Buy and Recommended Rider Power Best Value for Money

But, the opinion that matters most of all is yours, our customer and we can’t thank you enough for your glowing reviews over the years!

By the 90s, both Sheila and Anita (Malc and Alec’s wives) had retired as the company now employed 2-3 skilled machinists.

Of particular note was Kay, who was with Bikers Paradise for more than 25 years. She played a pivotal role in helping Malc and Alec design and develop new styles, as well as being extremely talented on a sewing machine.

Alec and Malc

Alec and Malc

The 90s were also when CE marking for safety came in. Malc and Alec took this very seriously as their aim was always, first and foremost, to produce motorbike clothing that had the best chance of keeping bikers safe. You can read more about this here.

Bikers Paradise CE Mark

Furthermore, you can read our whole ethos on motorbike clothing construction.


As the times were a-changing and our motorbike clothing was becoming more and more in demand, it was no longer viable to manufacture all of our gear in Coventry. So we also now have a manufacturing base abroad.

But, rest assured, that NO ONE ELSE sells what we sell. Everything has been designed and developed at our factory shop here in Coventry by our experts to our STRICT specifications. It is BIKERS PARADISE clothing - no other company has our designs or patterns.

Once the "unfinished" garments reach us, EVERY garment is THOROUGHLY inspected and finished to CE standard here (again, by our experts) to ensure that every CE specification we insist upon has been adhered to.

The vast majority of motorcycle clothing on the market is not manufactured to the standards that we adhere to.

We guarantee all stitching on our garments for LIFE (as long as the original customer owns the garment) and every other component is guaranteed for a year. Only the finest quality cowhide leather, thread, zips and fittings are used by us.


It’s been a really tough few years for us. We lost Alec in 2017 after a hard battle with cancer. Malc had to adjust to being the sole managing director of Bikers Paradise while grieving for his best friend of more than 50 years. Of course with the help and support of his staff – Perrie, Gill, Sandra and Carole (Carole has since retired).

In 2019, Malc lost his beloved wife, Sheila. The toll on him was great but he worked hard to make sure Bikers Paradise and his staff didn’t suffer.

He also lost his brother and sister around this time.

Then we all know what happened in 2020!

The pandemic hit and, like most companies, we were shut down for months, just about surviving on a limited mail order service. It was very bad for businesses.

On 12th April 2021, the worst of the lockdowns seemed to come to an end and we were able to open the shop properly again with minimal restrictions. It was a relief for us all and we felt optimistic that we’d be able to celebrate our 50th anniversary year properly and get back to business fully!

50 Years

The next day, on 13th April 2021, Malc passed away very suddenly.

We were devastated and very much in shock.

Malc in 2021

Malc’s heartbroken daughters, Michelle and Nicola, were suddenly responsible for Bikers Paradise.

Working with Malc’s small BP team (Perrie, Gill and Sandra), Michelle and Nicola have been amazing, learning the business while working through their grief and their father’s affairs.

We all knew we had to honour Malc by, at the very least, making sure his 50th anniversary limited edition jacket came to fruition. Malc designed the beautiful jacket himself and only 50 were made. They sold quickly and we only wish that Malc had seen the reaction it received.

Everyone who is now a proud owner of the Rida-Tec 50 jacket has told us that it is, by far, the best motorcycle jacket they have ever owned.

Rida-Tec 50 Limited Edition Anniversary Jacket

Malc's Legacy

Rida-Tec 50 Limited Edition Jacket Owners

We feel like we’ve been in survival mode since Malc’s passing and we want to thank our wonderful and loyal customers for being patient with us while we learn how to do this without our main man.

Perrie and Sandra have been with Bikers Paradise for more than 20 years each and Gill for 5 years. The team know and share the Bikers Paradise ethos of only supplying bikers with the best quality gear and a level of service that’s second to none.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in incredibly difficult circumstances.


Michelle and Nicola decided that the head winds against them were too strong; business challenges were mounting.

Despite numerous offers, the girls found no one suitable to continue the business in the spirit they desired.

After 50+ years trading, they decided to close the business.


Enter Will, a life-long passionate biker who, after 7 years, decided to get the zip on his bike jacket repaired. Arriving at Bikers Paradise with his jacket, he was stunned to be told of its imminent closure.

Will knew he couldn't let Bikers Paradise close down so, after much soul-searching and advice-gathering, he put his resources to work and decided to become the new owner, with Michelle and Nicola's blessing.

There are big plans to drive the business forward, keeping the principles upon which it was founded but with new branding and exposure.

Will has the support of Malc's daughters along with all the staff who remain involved with their beloved BP. So it's the whole dream team and now more!

The story continues...

A message from Will, the new owner of Bikers Paradise

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A small example of the humbling reviews we receive:

“Thank you Bikers Paradise. You make excellent leather bike jeans that last and last and when they get old, you still repair them with care!!!” Don – Hants

“I’ve just experienced my first motorcycle crash and, in doing so, have found out just how well I’m protected by wearing your leathers. Sliding down the road doing 60mph watching your bike disintegrate in front of you is not a nice experience but at least I was able to get and walk down the road to call the garage. In fact, I was still able to don my shorts and t-shirt, run down the pub and drown my sorrows without a scratch in sight. Many thanks for helping me keep my legs”.

“The quality of the leathers is superb. The kit has all the right features for biking. The value and service from Bikers Paradise is second to none. I have no hesitation recommending any biker to buy their leathers from Bikers Paradise.” Barrie – Nuneaton.

“Can I please re-apply for my old job of chief tester/stunt rider? Having once again proved how incredibly tough and resilient to motor cars and tarmac these good are. I can supply my own leathers (Bikers Paradise) as same have just bounced off the side of a car and contacted 100 yards of tarmac with little damage, saving my skin and bones.” Rob Gutteridge.

“My immense thanks for the most incredible good service I have ever known. With regard to the quality of the goods, my opinion is: they are unsurpassed.” Mrs Hoblyn – Coventry.

“I came round a sharp bend and met driveway gravel. I low-sided so quickly that I didn’t even have an “Oh sh*t!” moment. The bike clipped a Mondeo and slid 50+ yards down the road on my Bikers Paradise leathers! As I was sliding along, I thought “These leathers are working!” The leathers saved me from injury and the armour saved me from possible breakage/bruising. After the accident, I looked at the seams and they had not burst and the quality leather had not worn through. I can only say THANK YOU and recommend your products highly!” Mike.

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