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Zip Replacements

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Zip Replacements

Any zip from standard to heavy duty can be replaced on items of leather clothing, here at Bikers Paradise.
Quality workmanship plus value for money, what could be better?

If you're making the trip to see us, please call in advance - 024 7646 6296. While we try to ensure there is a machinist here as often as possible, there are times when we don't have someone available who can advise on repairs and alterations.

Due to machinist availability, the general lead-time for repairs and alterations is 2 - 3 weeks.

When an EXPRESS SERVICE is available, we will give you the option to have your repair or alteration done quicker for an additional charge.

Fashion Leather Jacket Zip Replacement

22" max £53.50
23" - 31" £59.50
32" + £63.50

Average rating :

From : £53.50

Leather Jeans Fly Zip Replacement

Normal weight zip: from £47.50 / Heavy duty zip: from £49.50

Average rating :

From : £47.50

All-Round Connection Zip Replacement

From £69 - £89

From : £69.00