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bp258 - Women's Rida-Tec GT Leather Jeans

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  Leather jeans
Sharon - Ireland   (27 October 2020)

Lovely jeans and Armour.
So well finished.
The Quality of the leather is beautiful.
So comfortable to wear.
I bought the size 10, they are a bit big but you could wear leggings underneath. The fosters on the side bring them in a bit too.
The length is good. I order 27” leg , I only 4-11”.
I Will wear them with my Long biker boots that I purchased from you.

  Very very impressed
Vicky - West Midlands   (31 July 2017)

Possibly the best customer service I have ever received in any shop anywhere. Gemma (think it was Gemma) listened to me, found me a very suitable pair of jeans which amazingly came in lots of different leg lengths and treated me as a person rather than something to be ignored at all costs (unlike some other clothing shops). I will definitely be recommending Bikers Paradise, not just for great products, but because they do repairs and will replace zips for heavy duty nylon or even metal zips (unheard of in this day and age, as a rule). They will adapt leathers to suit the rider, and I was so shocked when I heard that that I'm sure I had really massively wide open eyes at that point. I will be recommending this shop to anyone who buys bike gear and wants to be protected and comfortable and warm.

This is bike gear made by bikers for bikers people who understand that low waisted bike leather jeans are a really stupid idea and design gear to be worn by British people in British weather.

So many bike shops seem to imagine that women are only pillions and don't ride their own. I ride in all weathers (other than sheet ice, snow or gale force winds more than 60mph) and cover about 10,000 miles per year. I dress to hit the deck when I ride, which means heavily armoured leathers which I can breathe while wearing them. This shop understood that and had suitable products. Granted, the range isn't huge, but considering that the first style I saw was exactly what I wanted, I'm more than happy.

Thank you, everyone.

And to quote Arnie....I'll be back!

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