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33 - Warrior Leather Jeans

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David Busbridge - St Albans   (04 March 2011)

I originally bought the Viking Jeans as a sale item but ordered the wrong leg length. Fearing the worst I enquired about returning them and suggested waiting a month so I could pay the extra for the far better Warrior Jeans. BP happily upgraded my order and did not charge for the second lot of postage as I returned the first pair. The Warrior Jeans (in the proper leg length after good advice on the phone) are just a different product all together and are well worth the extra pennies.

  Warrior Jeans
Craig - Warwickshire   (02 November 2010)

I have owned my Warrior Jeans since 1996, 14 very comfortable and confident years. However the time has come to change them, not because of any significant wear or damage but because I have 'out grown' them. I will be buying a new pair of Warrior jeans, you can't say better than that!

  warrior jeans
DAVID - NORFOLK   (01 June 2010)

Don't try any other site until you've
tried these guys. They are the bespoke
tailors of the biking world.I originally
phoned for trousers but ended up buying
boots, trousers and jacket.
Be prepared for personal measurements!
Missus found me measuring groin to knee.
12 inches exactly said i. Bollocks! said
the missus.Very professional with an
earthy midlands sense of humour.
Kind regards

  warrior jeans
neil - highlands   (30 April 2009)

happy days very quick delivery.tried them on and perfect fit.probably the best quality item of clothing i have ever owned.saving the pennies for one of your jackets next.very happy cheers.

  warrior jeans
neil - highlands   (05 March 2009)

very happy with jeans perfect fit and excellent quality.thank you very much for great service.

  Warrior Jeans
Tony B - Stockton   (17 August 2008)

Great jeans, fit perfect, after initial wearing in period they are really comfortable, the only down side for me is the zips on the pockets, I find them a bit to small to get my hands inside pocket.

David - Scotland   (08 January 2007)

Many thanks for sending the Warrior leather jeans which arrived today. Again I'm very happy with good quality and good value. Thanks again.

  Warrior Jeans
Paul - Leeds   (07 November 2006)

Great jeans, fantastic fit, very comfortable. Finally a pair of leather jeans that fit my leg length and still have the protection in the right places.

  Warrior Jeans
Steve T - Warwickshire   (16 August 2006)

I've owned mine for over 10 years. They took no time to mould to my shape and are still perfect. Excellent protection in the right places that doesn't move around. I've riden thousands of miles in mine and they never wear out but I now need a larger pair. Too much beer!

  Warrior Jeans
Robyn - Wiltshire   (20 March 2006)

Well worth buying, there is an initial breaking in period which passes quickly and it's then you realise with a decent choice of leg lengths you should have bought these jeans sooner-they fit! More importantly the padding at the knees is correctly positioned and soon moulds to your shape-excellent.

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