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Bikers Paradise

Bikers Paradise - The Rida-Tec Technology Company

What is Rida-Tec Technology?

It is our (Bikers Paradise) unique and exclusive fully adjustable armour system! Every product on this site that displays the Rida-Tec Ready badge has the facility for our top of the range armour system:

The Rida-Tec Technology

What Makes the Rida-Tec System Special?

We don’t all adhere to a standard body type or shape. So there’s little point in an item of motorcycle clothing having fixed position armour. That’s why we’ve designed and developed this fully adjustable system that allows shoulder, elbow, hip and knee armour to be positioned exactly where it’s needed for each individual rider. So you know that if the worst happens, the armour stands the best chance of protecting you to the fullest of its ability.

Furthermore, what makes this system unique is that if you choose not to have the armour or remove it, our garments are free from damaging strips or any kind of attachment material/system that may actually cause considerable harm to the rider if they’re involved in a slide down the road (friction skin burns, lacerations etc). How do we do it then, you may ask? That’s our trade secret but we’d be happy to give you a demonstration in our showroom (7 Portway Close, Coventry, CV4 9UY, open 6 days a week). Or give us a call and we’ll talk you through it (024 7646 6296).

What Armour Do We Use?

The shoulder, elbow, hip and knee armour we use is genuine Viscotec CE Memory Armour (EN1612-1:2012). This is German-engineered, top of the line body protection armour. Being made from a dense memory foam, it works to absorb the impact of a collision to limit the force exerted on the body which makes it far superior to hard armour. Its feathered-edge design (along with the memory foam construction) ensures the armour fits snugly to your body and is actually very comfortable and almost undetectable from the outside making it very discreet.

This superior armour coupled with our Rida-Tec system offers you an unbeatable riding experience where you get the look you want, the comfort that’s so important and great protection, should you ever need it. Meaning you can ride with confidence and just enjoy the trip. Have a browse of our site to see the motorcycle clothing we offer that incorporates this enviable system now:

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