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bp682 - Blue Rida-Tec Denim Aramid* Jacket

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5/5 stars  Road tec blue denim jacket
David - Preston   (08 March 2022)

Very quick delivery with full armour package. A high quality denim jacket that is extremely comfortable, armour easily fitted without any fuss. A great looking jacket well done bikers paradise

5/5 stars  Rida-Tech Denim Jacket
David gilding - Hampshire   (20 September 2021)

My go to jacket when it's not raining !
Very comfortable on and off the bike.

5/5 stars  Rida Tech denim jacket
Tom Pothecary - Forest of Dean   (19 May 2021)

Bought this at Bikers Paradise yesterday, and wore for first time today.
Over all, a very comfortable jacket, which appears to be very well made.(Far Far better than some I have seen!!).
Sandra, the lady who served me, was very helpful, ensuring the fit, and fitting and adjusting the armour for me.
Also bought a pair of leather jeans, which Sandra shortened for me, and finished the bottoms neatly. Most suppliers just cut the surplus off, and leave the ends unfinished, or tell you to do it yourself!
Very happy with my purchases, and super impressed with the service.
As Arnie says, 'I'll be back'.

Tom P.

5/5 stars  Rida Rec Blue Denim Jacket
Spencer - Leominster   (22 January 2021)

Had to request an exchange on the first jacket as it was a bit tight for a summer jacket. So these jackets come out pretty much on size. The exchange was done very promptly, quicker than I ever expected.
The jacket is a bit of an oddball. Its a denim shell with what looks like a kevlar jumper stiched into the seams. The armour I purchased goes up through a zippered slot in the jacket tail and you have to get the armour into place from there. It has a velcro backing but provided you read the instructions its fairly straight forward. To make sure the elbow and shoulder armour stayed in place, while I faffed about turning the fabric back into place, I used staples. That stopped it coming away from the felt fixing strip. The back armour I bought fits a treat in its pocket. All the CEE approved armour is sturdy, gives plenty of coverage and is flexible so it's comfy to wear

Preformed armour pockets alround would have been so much easier.

The jacket looked like it had poppers on the website to close the zip flap on the photo. It doesn't. All closure fastening are by button. They are sturdy but a bit of a faff. But if you like Levi 501's this is the jacket for you.

Overall the jacket is well made, heavier than it looks, the fabric feels quite soft, its tailored very well, and the jacket tail fits nicely to cover my rear end on the bike. I am a bit of a porker and even for me the fit is quite flattering.

Apart from the faff getting the shoulder and elbow armour in place and the button fixings the only other issue could be the cuff fitting. Its pretty tight so doubt you would get any gloves up inside. Not a problem for me as I always wear short gloves in summer.

This denim jacket feels like a bikers jacket. Dont know how the outer fabric would fare in an abrasion test but the internal kevlar 'jumper' should keep the tarmac away from your skin. The armour set provides decent coverage so overall I am not worried.

None of the above remarks should put you off buying this jacket. I ride a Triumph Rocket3 and wearing denim when its warm outside should be a cooler option compared to non perforated leather.

I have never bought from Bikers Paradise before and I must say their service and pricing is pretty impressive. I'll be back.

5/5 stars  bp682 - Rida -Tec Blue Denim Jacket
Laurence Keen - Helsby, Cheshire   (09 September 2019)

I have previously purchased Antique Brown Leather, Fringed Jacket and Tie-Side Jeans of same. Also, brown leather summer gloves. All of these were absolutely beautifully designed, and constructed of excellent quality hide. I recently needed some, newer (and slightly larger), summer wear and bought two pair of Rida-Tec Jeans. These, compared with previous riding jeans, are fantastic to wear. Again, design and construction are superior in every way and they feel even more comfortable than ordinary jeans and are an excellent fit. I decided to buy the Blue denim Jacket which matches the jeans in design and construction equally well. My only 'personal preference' comment would for some zipped, inner pockets for wallet/phone and maybe some belt loops. Additonally, how much protection do these give if worn without the (optional) armour?

Bikers Paradise response: Hi Laurence. Without the CE armour, you will only get the benefit of the abrasion protection from the lining materials which includes an 100% Airtex cotton helping to prevent friction burning. We will always recommend making use of our fully adjustable Rida-Tec CE Armour system (where able) to greatly help with impact absorption. Thank you for the great review.

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