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Retro Lightweight Leather Motorcyle Jacket(bp60)

Retro Lightweight Leather Motorcyle Jacket

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        Retro Lightweight Leather Motorcyle Jacket  

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   Viscotec CE Shoulder Armour £14.75
   Viscotec CE Elbow Armour £14.75

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Black: £189
Antique brown: £204

An exceptional summer motorcycle jacket in 1.2-1.3mm supple cowhide leather with a cotton-rich lining.

Why is a cotton-rich lining important?
If you're unfortunate enough to come off your bike, the lining will not melt in to your skin with the friction of the slide down the road, as can be the case with man-made linings like Nylon and Polyester.

And while none of us plan to come off, isn't it comforting to know that you've done the best you can to protect yourself, just in case?

Talking of protection, it doesn't end with the quality leather and lining.

The quality of the thread and stitching holding this motorcycle jacket together (double rows and internal stitching in particularly vulnerable areas) is unsurpassed. After all, what is the point of quality components if the stitching fails?

And that's still not all!

This garment incorporates the Rida-Tec Technology armour system

To help protect your bones, this jacket is ready to take the latest technology, fully adjustable Viscotec CE memory armour in shoulders and elbows. This armour is designed to be non-intrusive while highly effective.


Would you believe that this sleek, simple, stylish motorcycle jacket offers you so much? Just read its reviews!

Read about how we construct our leathers.

Womens Retro Leather Jacket

matching antique brown shades

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