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Motorcycle Gear for the USA

We are a motorcycle clothing company based in the UK and we receive a lot of orders and interest from bikers all over the USA.

Our niche classic, cruiser and touring style motorcycle gear is a great choice for the American rider.

Men's Aviator Leather JacketLeather Motorcycle JeansMen's Rocker Leather Jacket

We Ship Our Motorcycle Gear to the US

If you're ever in the UK, we'd love you to plan a visit to see us. We're smack-bang in the middle of England and we've welcomed bikers from Chicago and New York as well as California and Texas! A great time is always had by all.

However, we understand that being a few thousand miles across the Atlantic Ocean is a little far for most.

So just order online and we'll ship straight to you.

Tornado Leather CutLadies Elite Fringed JacketLadies Plain Leather Cut

(Please note, we are not responsible for customs charges on the US side).

Leather Cut Superstore

We have a large range of leather cuts for men and women, including styles that are perfect for patches.

10 Pocket Leather CutLadies Tie Side CutElite Matt Black Leather CutTornado Matt Leather CutSquare Cut

Solutions for Hot Weather Riding

In the warmer states like California and Texas as well as the states that get warm summers, like New York, you'll want motorcycle gear that keeps you cool and comfortable while also offering great protection.

We recommend:

Rida-Tec Airflow JacketDenim Kevlar Jeans

See more hot weather motorcycle jackets.

Add some summer gloves to your order for ultimate riding comfort:

Viking Leather GlovesCruiser Leather GlovesStealth Summer Gloves

Cold and Wet Weather Riding

It is equally important to be comfortable and confident when riding in cold, wet conditions. We know winters can be tough in the US. If you're a biker who braves the bad weather, you'll want to think about the following options:

Leather Bike Gear
Men's Fringed Motorcycle JacketLadies Rida-Tec Touring JacketBrown Aviator Leather JacketMen's Rocker Leather Jacket

These jackets all have a thermal layer between the cotton lining and leather.

A top motorcycling tip: Don't layer up under your leathers. It prevents the jacket from fitting you correctly and could impact the effectiveness of armour. If you're still feeling the cold, go for a form-fitting thermal top.

For the wet rides, we recommend keeping a waterproof over-jacket and over-trousers in your luggage space.

Textile Bike Gear
Men's Rida-Tec Seasons JacketLadies Rida-Tec Seasons Jacket

The last thing you want is numb fingers when using your controls. Check out these insulated and waterproof leather gloves:

Falcon Winter GlovesStealth Winter Gloves

Biking Across the US

You certainly have a lot more land to explore than we have here in the UK. Be road-trip ready with strong and sturdy luggage:

Leather Tool RollsWestern Leather PanniersTexan Sporster Leather Panniers

Want More? You Got It!

Black Denim Kevlar JacketBlue Denim Kevlar JacketKevlar Hoody

For our full range of motorcycle gear that we can ship directly to you in the US, navigate from our homepage:

All Motorcycle Gear