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Motorcycle Clothing for Honda Riders

With Honda motorcycle clothing focussing on their racing gear, if you're not a racer but love your Honda bike, Honda apparel can be a little limited. Want a casual jacket, t-shirt or cap? Then they probably have what you're after.

If you're a classic Honda rider, you're probably looking for safety-conscious motorcycle clothing that suits your style of riding and isn't over-the-top, in-your-face race-track gear?

After a Honda Motorcycle Jacket?

Men's Shotgun Motorcycle JacketMen's Rida-Tec Warrior Motorcycle Jacket

The above men's leather jackets have been hand-picked by us as the most complimentary Honda riding gear in our range. But you can see our full men's leather jacket range here.

Ladies - A Honda Style Leather Jacket for Yourself?

Ladies Rida-Tec Touring Motorcycle Jacket

The above examples are what we feel is elite Honda style. But any choice from our full range of women's leather motorcycle jackets will look superb.

Safety, Style AND Value for Money

Before we go any further, let us explain why a Bikers Paradise leather motorcycle jacket is a wise choice.

With nearly 50 years experience designing and manufacturing our own brand of motorcycle clothing from start to finish, no one knows more or can ensure quality like us.

Crafted to CE standards, with every component carefully considered, from stitching/thread and lining to the importance of a good fit you know you're buying a superior garment that is tried and tested.

Not being a "big brand" like Honda, we can offer you the very best in motorcycle clothing without the need to inflate the price for the sake of a "name".

There's no need to worry about using a smaller company once you've read our numerous glowing reviews (either by Googling "Bikers Paradise Coventry" or checking products on this site with their own reviews attached), it's as simple as:


Honda Style Textile Gear

Ladies Rida-Tec Seasons Textile JacketMen's Rida-Tec Seasons Touring Motorcycle Jacket

When leather just ain't your thing, take your pick from our men's and ladies textile gear. You get style, you get comfort, you keep warm and dry and you don't need to re-mortgage your home to do so!

Honda Style Clothing for the Bottom Half

Whether leather, denim or textile, we feel our jeans will suit your Honda clothing needs.

Men's and Ladies Denim Kevlar JeansMen's Rida-Tec Matt Leather Jeans

Honda Style Motorcycle Boots

The following motorcycle boots are our picks for Honda riders:

Grinder Motorcycle BootsMen's Custom Rida-Tec Retro Motorcycle Jacket

Helmets, Gloves and the Rest

You can get your whole kit from us, delivered to your door or come in and spend some time with us. We'll make sure you're looked after and get the best advice. Find Us.

Full Face HelmetsOpen Face HelmetsMotorcycle GlovesLeather LuggageKevlar HoodyKevlar Denim Jackets

Order online 24/7 or give our order hotline a call 7 days a week: 024 7646 6296.

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