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Motorcycle Clothing for Triumph Riders

Bikers Paradise has manufactured Triumph style motorcycle clothing since the 1970s and it’s often said that we provide much better value for money as well as superior quality, materials and construction than Triumph motorcycle clothing.

After a Triumph Motorcycle Jacket?

Men's Warrior Leather JacketMen's Shotgun Matt Leather JacketMen's Legacy Brown Leather Jacket

Rather than automatically opting for a triumph motorcycle jacket when you ride a beautiful Triumph motorcycle, why not consider something else?

You might be surprised what you can get for your money when you resist the Triumph motorcycles clothes badge.

Bikers Paradise leather motorcycle jackets are crafted to a CE standard, with a unique Rida-Tec CE armour system (armour optional).

Men's Triumph Style Leather JacketsMen's Triumph Style Textile Jackets

Triumph Style Motorcycle Jackets for Women

The above examples are for men but we do a whole range of motorcycle jackets for women who ride their own Triumph or ride pillion.

Ladies Rida-Tec Touring Leather JacketLadies Elite Classic Leather JacketLadies Patrol Leather Jacket

Ladies Triumph Style Leather JacketsLadies Triumph Style Textile Jackets

Triumph Patches

We offer a patch-sewing service so don’t worry if you really want Triumph branding on your gear. Get yourself some Triumph patches and we’ll sew them on for you.

Our patch sewing is very competitively priced and is done to the highest of standards by skilled machinists with a quick turnaround. We don’t like to keep our customers waiting.

Triumph Patches Sewn On

Triumph Style Riding Trousers

That’s the top half sorted. Let’s get the bottom half covered.

Men's Rida-Tec Matt Leather JeansMen's Rida Denim Kevlar® JeansLadies Elite 2 Tie Side Leather Jeans

Men's Leather Jeans for Triumph RidersMen's and Ladies Kevlar® JeansLadies Leather Jeans for Triumph Riders

Triumph Style Boots

Triumph boots can come with a steep price tag so it's handy (footy?) to know that you can get a cracking pair of leather boots that suit your style of Triumph riding without having to fork out for the Triumph name.

Ankle Leather BootsWild One Leather BootsViking Warrior Leather Boots

Men's Leather Boots for TriumphLadies Leather Boots for Triumph

A Wider Variety than Triumph Motorcycle Clothing Offers

Triumph are known for building gorgeous motorcycles, that is their speciality. We don’t make motorcycles. Our speciality is motorcycle clothing.

This gives us more scope to design and produce a wide selection of gear for the Triumph rider.

Leather CutsLeather GlovesVintage HelmetsLeather Luggage

Men's Textile GearLadies Textile Gear

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