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3 - Mens Warrior Jacket

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  Warrior Jacket
Andy Wright - Gold Coast Australia   (27 May 2018)

When you read the words Famous regarding this jacket this company is not kidding....I have owned one of these jackets for over 25 years and its been used and abused all the way, including being used for downhill skateboard events, it has scars all over and it is still intact and held together in the way it was designed to be, the only thing letting go now is the lining, so you can imagine my joy when finding out I can buy another one once again from Bikers Paradise, totally stoked :-)

  Warrior Jacket
The Muse - West Wales   (07 August 2017)

I was going to purchase a Leather Jacket from the USA on my next visit, then I saw the website for Bikers Paradise. I read up on their construction methods and from what I read I thought I would give it a go. Spoke to very helpful staff on the telephone and Ordered a size 52' chest which was also sized correctly for my 44' ish snake hips lol. The jacket arrived the following day. Before removing the labels I checked all the seams for integrity. Very impressed by the construction. Leather was supple and yet strong. Wore it this weekend, and although it needs to be worn in it was very comfortable. The included armour the only thing I changed was the back section for 3DO which I already had.
To cut a long review short, was I pleased with my purchase, unreservedly, yes.
The Muse

  Warrior Suit
Michael - Bicester   (15 December 2015)

Recently purchased - my first set of leathers after advice from the staff. Perfect sizing, comfortable from day one, look very smart! It's early days but they are completely windproof, warm and see off light rain without fuss. The whole feel is one of quality and safety and they are so great to ride in! Highly recommend a visit for personal advice ad fitting.

Mick Sell - Stoneleigh   (30 November 2015)

Bought jacket & thermal shirt yesterday,served by staff who definitely know their stuff! If I'd picked the sizes,everything would've been 2 sizes too big! All in all a pleasant experience.I'll be back!!!

  Warrior jacket,trousers and boots
David Perrin - Bournemouth   (25 November 2015)

I thought I would have an early xmas present and renew my bike gear and I am highly delighted with my purchase The help I got with finding the right size and fit was wonderful and nothing was too much trouble for the lady who was assisting me.
The fit of the jacket and trousers is superb and very comfortable when riding my bike.
Thank you very much to all at Bikers Paradise and I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends.

  Warrior Jacket
Simon Marriott - North Yorkshire   (09 April 2014)

Had my Warrior jacket for about 6 years, it's done a fair mileage. Extremely comfortable and feels reassuringly protective. It's a proper no-frills black leather jacket not a pretend racing suit, just a proper jacket for road riding and non the worse for it.

Some very well thought out details, nice long overlap with the jeans, so no draughts, doesn't ride up at the front for those of us with a fuller figure. The cotton lining is a nice touch - I still have a scar on my hand from an off ten years ago - textile gloves survived, but slid for long enough for the polyester lining to melt into my hand.

I managed to break the zip recently. I phoned BP on Friday, posted to them Saturday, got a phone call to say repairs were done Monday afternoon and had the leathers back on Wednesday. That's what I call good service.

  Warrior Jacket
Simon - Bath   (30 September 2013)

After much patience from yourselves and probably trying on every jacket in the shop I bought a Warrior jacket, strapped my old jacket to the rack and rode home to Bath, the jacket was so comfortable and fitted so well that I didn't even notice it, no draughts, no cold (and when caught in a shower, no damp patches). No higher praise than that! I look forward to many more miles in it.

  Warrior 1050
Tim - Gdansk, Poland   (08 April 2011)

Bought one of these about 15 years ago from a shop in Coventry. Been 100,000 miles in it and never had any problems, so I guess it'll last another 15 years :)

  There is no alternative
Paul Wyatt - Coventry   (19 February 2011)

I bought this jacket early 2010 and it has been worn ever since. The quality of the leather is unsurpassed and the fit was so good that it needed no tailoring. It is simply the best jacket I have ever had.

The viscotech armour is discreet and really does mould around the shoulders and elbows. However, I found out in Aug 2010 that this type of armour really does work, and so much better than the regular hard CE stuff. After parking into a car in front and performing an perfect handstand on my handlebars, I and the bike came down rather sloppily. The only way I even knew that I had contacted anything, on my body not the bike obviously, was a few spots of road dust and gravel on hips (Bikers Paradise kevlar jeans with hips + knee protection), elbow and shoulder. Whilst I accept this doesn't demonstrate the protection in a slide, I'll wait for someone else to find that out. I'm happy with the unplanned impact tests I carried out thank you very much.

Get this jacket and you won't regret it.

david - norfolk   (01 May 2010)

Don't try any other site until you've
tried these guys. They are the bespoke
tailors of the biking world.I originally
phoned for trousers but ended up buying
boots, trousers and jacket.
Be prepared for personal measurements!
Missus found me measuring groin to knee.
12 inches exactly said i. Bollocks! said
the missus.Very professional with an
earthy midlands sense of humour.
Kind regards

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