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3 - Mens Warrior Jacket

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  There is no alternative
Paul Wyatt - Coventry   (19 February 2011)

I bought this jacket early 2010 and it has been worn ever since. The quality of the leather is unsurpassed and the fit was so good that it needed no tailoring. It is simply the best jacket I have ever had.

The viscotech armour is discreet and really does mould around the shoulders and elbows. However, I found out in Aug 2010 that this type of armour really does work, and so much better than the regular hard CE stuff. After parking into a car in front and performing an perfect handstand on my handlebars, I and the bike came down rather sloppily. The only way I even knew that I had contacted anything, on my body not the bike obviously, was a few spots of road dust and gravel on hips (Bikers Paradise kevlar jeans with hips + knee protection), elbow and shoulder. Whilst I accept this doesn't demonstrate the protection in a slide, I'll wait for someone else to find that out. I'm happy with the unplanned impact tests I carried out thank you very much.

Get this jacket and you won't regret it.

david - norfolk   (01 May 2010)

Don't try any other site until you've
tried these guys. They are the bespoke
tailors of the biking world.I originally
phoned for trousers but ended up buying
boots, trousers and jacket.
Be prepared for personal measurements!
Missus found me measuring groin to knee.
12 inches exactly said i. Bollocks! said
the missus.Very professional with an
earthy midlands sense of humour.
Kind regards

  After Sales Service
Graham Smith - South Derbyshire   (13 July 2008)

Rating for After Sales Service. I had to return my Jacket and Jeans as a seam on my pocket and a couple of other places were coming undone. Malc and his machinist gave the items a quick check over and appologised, offering to take the offending items, give them a thorough check over, repair any faults and POST them back to me. Did they do a good job or not? I picked them up a week later expecting the worst, but they had been repaired so you couldn't see any faults, and had cleaned off every speck of dirt and several dead flys. They looked brand spanking new. Alex gave me a bottle of Auto Glym leather conditioner for my trouble. A nice gesture and very much appreciated.

  Warrior Jacket
Alison - Cheshire   (14 March 2008)

What excellent service!! Excellent quality jacket too.... Speedy delivery! My son loves the jacket, don't think he's taken it off yet (may even sleep in it....) Thanks again!

  WarriorJkt and Jeans
Graham Smith - South Derbyshire   (20 November 2007)

I only went in to have a zip replaced on my Frank Thomas gear and came away with a new Warrior Jacket, Warrior Jeans, Gloves, thermal shirt and Commando Socks. Not only that my wife HAD to have another leather coat as well. Cheers Alec and Malc !!. That's twice now! Decision made when another customer came in to buy the same kit as some low life had nicked his 10 year old Warrior jacket/jeans when using them in America.

  Warrior Jacket
Gary - Hampshire   (14 January 2007)

I received the jacket very quickly and in time for xmas so I was very pleased with the reliable delivery and excellant communication.The jacket itself is superb very well fitted and warm. Thanks

  Warrior Jkt
Paul - Leeds   (07 November 2006)

Had been searching for a jacket for weeks when a friend recommended yourselves. Checked out the website and found a great jacket that matched my needs. Great help from yourselves over the phone to assess sizing and the jkt is a perfect fit. Great protection, fits as it should and keeps out the wind in the right places. An excellent accompionment to the warrior jeans.

IAN - SUFFOLK   (20 October 2006)

I already had a pair of warrior jeans which I have been very pleased with and the jacket is every bit as good. It feels well put together and is a good fit. Perhaps not the cheapest jacket on the market but worth every penny for the peace of mind this kit gives.

  Warrior Jacket
Robyn - Wiltshire   (20 March 2006)

Rolled up my waterproofs [stashed on the bike but didn't need them] and covered 35 miles on a really cold but clear morning, proved the fit and function of this jacket- no draughts at waist or crucially, chest. Padding is in the correct places and only takes a little while to take your shape.Good value for money.

  The one.
Ross - Leamington Spa   (24 February 2006)

I only live 20 mins from the shop, but it was the first gear I had seen, so I went to see more: I tried Belstaff (Good, but textiles were already fraying near velcro in the shop, leathers very short or no protection), Heine Gericke (sleeves too short, mostly styled for racing bent-over), Triumph (couldn't get a good fit) and BMW (clearly good but a lot of money). After a month of visiting smaller shops too (often overwhelmed by choise but no significant differences), I ended up back at Biker's Paradise. My reasoning: excellent armour, longer sleeves for keeping stretched out arms covered, velcro and zips in all the right places and quick and easy to 'operate': cotton (no melting) lining with usable pockets inside and out and its going to look good as a pedestrian as well as on any bike (Mine is a cruiser, but I wanted more protection that the usual cruiser jackets). I chose leather over textile because The textiles are tying you into their many layers: leather has the best abrasion resistance and the armour is more likely to stay in position because the leather is tighter. I can put thermals on underneath, and waterproofs over the top and change them as I please without messing about linking sleeve poppers and pointlessly zipping the layers together. Black means the road spray won't make it look shabby. This jackets style continues to grow on me: Its not boy-racer or the Fonz or retro: its just... strong: like a warrior should be!

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