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Men's Pro-Safe Viscotec CE Armour Set (bp43)

Men's Pro-Safe Viscotec CE Armour Set

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Comes complete with fittings for use with all applicable Bikers Paradise garments.

Men's CE armour to be used in either shoulders, elbows or knees.

Set of 2.
(So if you want a full set for a jacket's shoulders AND elbows, you'll need to order two sets of these.)

Viscotec is the latest technology in motorcycle protective armour.
Unlike hard armour, Viscotec absorbs energy; slowing the impact to the bones and therefore helping to prevent bone injury as well as abrasions.
Viscotec is constructed from a patented memory foam rubber which, although pre-moulded, changes shape to that of your own shoulder and elbow contours and becomes a perfect fit.
Extremely comfortable and almost undetectable in looks.
This armour is fully recommended by us.

For men's hip armour, see here.