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bp103 - Men's Blue Rida Denim Jeans

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  Fabulous Jeans!
Lisa - Solihull   (04 June 2020)

What can I say other than what a fabulous company! During lockdown my partner had a ‘big’ birthday, his main gift was tickets to the TT but as you know the 2020 TT was postponed ?? I started looking around for other options and decided to try to find short legged Kevlar jeans for him. He has short legs and always has trouble finding anything that fits him properly. I was overjoyed to find this company who offered free alterations to the length and were still open and offering delivery. I jumped in and ordered this fab pair of Men’s Blue Rida Denim Jeans. There was a bit of a delay in the service, as expected tbh, and I started to panic as I needed them for the actual day. I contacted them to check and was delighted that, under the circumstances, they offered to drop them off for me on the morning of his birthday as luckily I didn’t live that far away from their premises!! I cannot thank them enough tbh as he was overjoyed. It has taken a while before they have been used as we have been very careful adhering to guidelines but can now say they are very comfortable and made very well. The insertion of the Armour was really easy and well explained. I highly recommend both the jeans and the company.

  Rida Jeans
Paul Eckardt - Keynsham, Bristol   (07 July 2019)

Bought from the web site. Prompt delivery and the quality is excellent. I had to hem the leg length a little, but otherwise the fit is perfect. I shall purchase again for general wear as It is difficult for me to find jeans that fit so well.

  Rida Blue Denim Jeans
Paul Poxon - Midlands   (11 June 2019)

My Second pair of Rida jeans.
First pair still going strong after 5 seasons use, both home and in Europe. Wash well and still look smart after thousands of miles.
Just wanted a change in colour.

  Rida Jeans
Geraint Tudur - North Wales   (14 May 2019)

Needed a pair of motorbike jeans with armour for the coming summer and came across Biker’s Paradise by accident while surfing the web. Ordered a pair of Rida jeans, and I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the product. Ordering on line was simple and delivery next day! Impressive! Found when using them that a pair of strong Oxford braces was needed. Having got a pair, all is well!

  Rida denim jeans
Paul Evans - SW France   (08 May 2019)

Excellent jeans at a bargain price compared to some I’d look at. I bought a pair for my wife and I, we have just returned from a 10 day trip to Corsica. Comfortable enough to wear all day everyday, warm enough to keep the wind off. Would recommend these jeans to anyone

  rida jeans
Andrew Austin - buxton   (23 April 2019)

I had been looking for a long time for a pair of armoured jeans for a trip to Spain and Portugal an after trying loads on at various places ended up at BP after the usual 'well we might as well we've looked everywhere else' and so glad we did its the first pair that fit right and feel right ..from first entering the shop to leaving you feel like a valued person not just a person to rip off they made sure I was happy with the fit that the armour was in the right place an comfy and they were shortened to the correct length professionally, an as it was hot (25'c) I wore them on the way home instead of my triumph ones(now in the bin) they were still warm but no where near as much....also looked at the leather jackets while there...damn well impressed with the leather and the construction …….prices are decent an fair as well I thought I could have ended up paying more for a inferior pair of jeans..just do your self a favour and go here for your jeans...

  Rida jeans
Colin Saul - Norfolk   (09 March 2019)

I was surprised at the quality of these kevlar jeans best I have seen and that includes some that cost more than double the price if you want riding jeans these are the best you will find

Tom - Liverpool   (26 March 2017)

After ordering a pair of Leather jeans on line and finding them to be of superb quality (these where a small batch of jeans that had been made from thicker than usual leather so are going to last for years) anyway myself and wife took a ride from Liverpool to Bikers Paradise and it was like entering an Aladdins cave of bikers stuff, the main aim was to buy a pair of jeans but I got two of which also being a short arse they would be needing altering which I was expecting to be measured then posted on, but no they was altered there and then, I have since got a waist coat and can highly recommend Bikers Paradise to everyone

  Mens Rida Denim Kevlar Jeans Black
Rob - Staffordshire   (24 October 2016)

As per BRILLIANT service from the guys and gal's at Biker Paradise.
Well fitting jeans,that could be adjusted if required,(big thighs,small waist) armour where you need it and easy to move around and about in,I have a pair of Hood jeans,wich are fantastic protection wise,full kevlar coverage,front and rear,but find them hard work to do anything but walk around in and hot,especialy in summer. The Biker Paradise jeans I'v had now for a couple of months, fit the bill as far as movement and comfort,would have liked a slightly narrower lower leg,from the knee down as they do flap around a bit,but other than that. Buy a pair now....GREAT value and enough protection anda good fit.....and GREAT service from BP. Thank you.

  Men's rida jeans
Chris Bowen - West Bromwich   (17 August 2016)

Decided to buy these jeans with the quality that they are made. Lady in shop was really helpful finding the correct size for me and setting correct leg length and position of armour for my knees. Alteration was done while I waited (well why I tried on leather trousers). Wore at weekend round Scotland extremely comfortable. Told my brother in law where I got them from and he is going to pay them a visit now. Highly recommend a visit. I know I will use again.

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