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bp103 - Men's Blue Rida Denim Jeans

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  Men's Rida Denim Kevlar Jeans
Paul Wyatt - Coventry   (21 April 2016)

I don’t like leather jeans or textile trousers as I want to ride, get off and do what I came for without having to change or looking like a power ranger. So, I want the ubiquity of denim and the safety of riding leather and these jeans are, imo, not only the best in the market but also the greatest value for Kevlar jeans. I bought these jeans in 2010 but recently, my waist began to develop further and I had to consider another pair – temporarily, to see me through until waist returns to normal size! I like to really know the quality of my gear and wanted to know what alternatives I could buy. I began to look at the offerings at bike shows and in shops. However, I did first turn my BP jeans inside out, inspected and photographed them in order to compare against a possible replacement.

The greatest visual about these jeans is that you cannot tell that they are Kevlar lined jeans. There are no additional external seams to show where the linings are or where the armour pockets sit. They just look like a regular pair of jeans.

Made by Coventry artisans by hand, whilst the Kevlar material lining generously runs to below the seat of the jean, as with some far more expensive jeans, there is Kevlar material running almost the whole length of the jean from top to bottom at the front I have never seen so much Kevlar material in a riding jean!
These jeans are double stitched everywhere and with a thicker thread than any I have seen on other jeans. The denim is also the thickest I have found.
Unlike a lot of other jeans, these jeans are cotton mesh lined at the front – See COMFORT comments for reason. Also, if you turn up in person to buy your jeans, the length will be adjusted to your leg. If also buying armour, this will be inserted and adjusted so you end up with a custom fit jean at no extra cost. Apart from my commuting suit, all of my gear is custom fit as, how else can I expect it to perform when called upon?
Because of the mesh, these heavy trousers can be worn all day in the heat of the sun and cold of winter without any discomfort, excessive sweating or chaffing. I did have an issue about three years ago in that the Velcro on the knee had begun to rub through the mesh and onto my knee. After a chance return to the BP shop, I mentioned this point and was told to bring them back and they would be modified free of charge as this was a known, but rare, issue which had been subsequently designed out of later jeans.
The additional armour, if bought from Bikers Paradise, is Viscotec. If you research this armour, even on Wikipedia, I hope you would agree that there are only two types of CE certified armour the rigid stuff that meets the minimum euro standards and viscotec. For me, there is only one type of armour and it is Viscotec. This stuff is soft and pliable and when inserted into these jeans, at the knees and hips, you can almost not tell it is in place – you certainly cannot tell visually. It bends when you bend, it conforms to your body shape but it protects like no other and BP sell it for an absurdly low price, as well as building it into their jackets, of which I have two.
I have had the misfortune of testing these jeans in winter (2012). I came across a diesel spill whilst approaching the Chelmsley Wood Roundabout on the A452. I suffered a slide at 30(ish) mph after overtaking a vehicle. I sustained no bruising or abrasions – I have hip and knee armour. There was minor evidence that my hip had slid along the road as slight scuffing on the right hand hip seam could be seen but it was very minor and the stitching was firmly intact holding the two parts together.

Now, April 2016, I do have another brand of jean – free with a subscription to a MotorCycle Newspaper and made by the ‘Oxford’ brand. It is because of receiving these Jeans that I felt compelled to write my experiences about the excellent Bikers Paradise pair that I love and miss. I will buy another pair in the near future…if my waist refuses to shrink with a new exercise regime but I really hope I can make them fit again. The BP jeans really are the best quality, value and performing trousers I have ever owned. But, they should be as they are made by skilled British machinists. They were custom fitted in house and are built to the highest standards using the best materials and protection. They were designed and built by bikers who design, make and sell biking gear. Lastly, they look and perform like jeans but they really protect when you need them to, after which, they get back to the job be being jeans again. Find a pair of textiles that can honestly do that?

  Rida Denim Jeans
Michael - Bicester   (15 December 2015)

Bought these in September 2015 before later deciding on leathers, Sturdy, comfortable even with the armour and a good fit. Others I had seen were very thin by comparison or twice the price! Wash well too - no shrinkage. Recommended.

  Rida Denim Kevlar jeans
Keith - Derby   (24 August 2015)

Recommended by a friend who has used Bikers Paradise for ages. Really heavy duty, confidence-inspiring denim, and very comfortable. Altered to a perfect length while I waited and fitted perfectly. The armouring is really tough, not like the cheap versions in other jeans. Can't recommend them enough. Had them a year now, and they've washed brilliantly almost moulded to me and still look the biz. But with complete confidence.

  Mens Rida Kevlar Jeans
Colin - Rugby   (11 August 2015)

Went there after reading reviews and bought the mens Rida kevlar jeans.
The service was brilliant, chose the jeans, altered in just a few minutes by Sandra, who was a star!
I highly recommend Bikers Pardise

  mens rida denim Kevlar jeans
Brian - bedworth   (29 July 2015)

great jeans at a good price. Popped into the shop and had jeans turned up and padding fitted in the correct places within ten minutes. The girl that served me was the most helpful assistant I have ever met. Will never use anywhere else.

Peter - North East   (29 June 2015)

These jeans a excellent, great quality heavy grade denim, staff are really helpful, no complaints, would and will use BP again.

  Rida Kevlar Jeans
Chris Pritchard - Liverpool   (02 June 2015)

Posted one day, delivered and worn the next. Does it get any better than this?

It does.

Superbly constructed, fantastically comfortable, great fit and incredibly stylish at the same time.

Very highly recommended in every respect from service to product. One very happy bunny here.

  kevlar jeans
david - nuneaton   (04 May 2015)

Nice fit straight of the peg, excellent service. Jeans are heavier and better made than the others on the market. will be getting my leather jacket altered. Thank you bikers paradise!

  Rida Jeans
Brendan Walsh - St Austell   (05 March 2015)

Ordered 2 pairs at 2.37PM on Wednesday 4th, came at 11.30AM next day! Excellent quality and very heavy, make my Hornee jeans feel like cotton. Will definitely use you again, very impressed.

  Heavy weight Jeans
Phill Anderson - Surrey   (08 January 2015)

100 yards down the road, on my back arse ribbed out of the jeans but total protection not a mark on my skin, will be buying a new pair think these jeans are the dogs danglies', had the draginni products these are a much heavier denim and saved my skin. I will be ordering a new pair, they even make them to measure for a small fee great if your a short arse like me -)

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