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Men's Premium Leather Boots

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These are our premium leather boots for men.
Go here for: Men's Leather Boots under £90.

Grinder Kestrel Leather Boots

Steel toe capped, heavy duty leather boots with Goodyear welted sole.

Average rating : 5/5 stars

List Price: £120.00
£75.00 You Save: £45.00 (38%)

Grinder Camelot Leather Boots

Steel toe capped quality leather boots with a Commando Goodyear welted sole.

List Price: £105.00
£85.00 You Save: £20.00 (19%)

£100 Gift Voucher

A gift voucher to the value of £100 to be spent at Bikers Paradise motorcycle clothing company.


Men's Viking Warrior Leather Boots

Probably the most comfortable bike boots in the world. Good all round sports touring boots.

Average rating : 5/5 stars


Rida-Tec Hawk Waterproof Boot

A waterproof but breathable hand-finished quality bike boot that goes up to a size 14!

Average rating : 5/5 stars


Mens Viking Warrior Leather Ankle Boot

The ankle-boot version of the brilliant Viking Warrior Boot!

Average rating : 5/5 stars


Renegade Hi Waxy Cowhide Bike Boots (Grinder)

Black or Very Dark Brown

Average rating : 5/5 stars

List Price: £155.00
£103.00 You Save: £52.00 (34%)

Waxy Cowhide Wild One Boots

Classic style leather motorcycle boot made in the finest quality, supple black cowhide with a slight waxy finish.

Average rating : 5/5 stars

List Price: £175.00
£120.00 You Save: £55.00 (31%)

Bald Eagle Waxy Leather Boot (Grinder)

Beautifully designed Bald Eagle motorcycle boots

List Price: £162.00
£121.00 You Save: £41.00 (25%)

Galveston Leather Boots (Grinder)

A stunning bike boot available in the finest quality brown nubuck or black cowhide leather upper.

List Price: £177.00
£137.00 You Save: £40.00 (23%)