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Men's Non-Leather Bike Gear

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Non-Leather Bike Gear

Douglas Wax Motorcycle Jacket

Our first waxed cotton jacket, fully lined in Aramid and 100% soft cotton. Optional, adjustable CE armour.

Average rating : 5/5 stars

From : £399.00

Maverick Biker Shirt

Fully lined in 100% genuine DuPont™ Aramid Kevlar® fibre with a 100% Airtex cotton lining and option for adjustable CE armour.

From : £104.00

Unisex Rida-Tec Hoody

A thick and cosy three-layered hoody: Soft cotton outer shell, Airtex cotton lining, full Aramid* lining. Fully adustable CE armour available.

Average rating : 5/5 stars

From : £114.00

Blue Rida-Tec Denim Aramid* Jacket

Not just a denim jacket. You've got 14oz heavy duty denim. You've got a 100% Airtex cotton lining. You've got a full Aramid* lining. And you've got the option of adjustable CE armour.

Average rating : 5/5 stars


Black Rida-Tec Denim Aramid* Jacket

When is a denim jacket more than a denim jacket? When it's heavy duty denim, has a breathable cotton lining and is fully Aramid* lined with optional CE armour.

Average rating : 5/5 stars


Men's Rida-Tec Seasons Textile Jacket

All-in-one textile jacket that will see you through all seasons.

Average rating : 5/5 stars