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Ladies Black Stretch Denim Motorcycle Jeans(bp677)

Ladies Black Stretch Denim Motorcycle Jeans

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      Ladies Black Stretch Denim Motorcycle Jeans  

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   Viscotec Hip Armour £14.75
   Viscotec Knee Armour £14.75

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Ladies 14oz, ultra-comfortable black denim bike jeans lined with genuine DuPont™ Kevlar® and Airtex cotton-rich lining.

Do you want a pair of jeans that look like normal denim jeans but are so much more? You get the best of both worlds with these motorcycle jeans.

You get to walk around off the bike in a “normal” pair of jeans, confident in the knowledge that you’re wearing something made to exacting standards with your safety in mind.

The black denim used is 14oz in weight which is heavier duty than normal denim while not being too cumbersome to wear. The denim also contains 2% elastane meaning you get a really superb fit that hugs you in all the right places and makes the jeans super comfortable to wear and move around in. This is a particular advantage when mounting and dismounting your bike.

The addition of the elastane into the mix along with the already superior pattern makes these arguably the best fitting and most flattering denim and DuPont™ Kevlar® jeans available.

What you really need in a pair of denim bike jeans is impact-absorbent hip and knee armour. But if you’re worried this will ruin the look of normal every-day jeans, rest assured we have good news:

Our optional fully adjustable Viscotec CE armour system is proving to be a major success with our bikers.

Rida-Tec Technology

We did a lot of research when choosing the armour to supply with our gear so we know Viscotec is one of the best you can get. The dense memory foam absorbs any impact and greatly reduces the trauma passed on to your bones. Being memory foam and with feathered edges, the hip and knee armour moulds to your shape to ensure a comfortable ride while the feathered edging means the armour is very discreet in looks from the outside.

Our exclusive and unique system means that you can place the hip and knee armour in the correct position for you. You won’t need to settle for armour that is nearly in the right place. It will be in the correct place. Meaning you receive the full benefit of this fantastic armour, if needed.

The thread used to hold these jeans together is top quality, thick Nylon-bonded cotton with double and internal stitching on vulnerable areas.

An Airtex cotton-rich lining adds to the comfort and safety factors of these jeans. A cotton-rich lining is essential for any article of motorcycle clothing as it doesn’t melt when subjected to heat friction from a slide down the road. Man-made lining materials (like nylon, polyester etc.) can melt into your skin and leave you requiring skin grafts.

And where is the Kevlar?
Genuine DuPont™ Kevlar® covers your bum, hips, knees and shins between the denim and the lining. This highly abrasion resistant material needs to be the genuine article. Don’t be tempted to opt for a pair of jeans containing an imitation, you are wasting your money.

Fully washable.
Standard leg length: 34”.

Imagine what people pay for a pair of designer jeans. And look at how much more these offer. Look great and feel confident.

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Aramid - DuPont™ - KEVLAR® are trade marks of E.I DuPont De Nemours and Company, USA.