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Hoody and Kevlar® Jeans

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Unisex Rida-Tec Hoody

New thick, cosy and comfy biker hoody with a Kevlar lining and armour system.

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Men's Blue Rida Denim Jeans

Designed for style, comfort and, of course, safety.

"I work in a bike shop and we sell Draggin' Jeans but I wear BP's Rida jeans. Great fit, top quality, fantastic value." Doug, Isle of Man

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List Price: £89.90
Our Price : £79.00 You Save: £10.90 (12%)

Men's Black Rida Denim Motorcycle Jeans

The optimum in denim jeans for motorcyclists. Heavy duty but comfortable denim, Kevlar, fully adjustable armour system.

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Our Price : £79.00

Women's Rida Denim Jeans

To make way for our new stretch denim bike jeans, these are now discontinued. Get them while you can.

Down from £89.90 to £49!

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List Price: £89.90
Our Price : £49.00 You Save: £40.90 (45%)

Limited Edition Lightweight Denim Bike Jeans

Made in 12oz black denim as opposed to our usual 14oz Rida Denim Bike Jeans.


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From : £89.00