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bp398 - Elite Classic Brown Leather Tie Side Waistcoat

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  A mighty fine slice of former cow
Folly - Coventry (city of bad dreams and moped riders who don't nod)   (01 July 2015)

I remember a friend of my dads told me 'you weren't a proper biker until you've bought your first waist coat'

......this is not true.

your not a proper biker until you've bought one, worn it thin, torn it. bought a new one..left it at a rally. bought another one by your partner (who swore shed never buy another) for your birthday.
then when that one (the one you'll be castrated if you ever loose and therefore becomes so sacred to you that you never take it off and now its basically part of your skin and would require anesthetic and a scalpel to remove) when that one has more patches on it than leather. THEN! you are a 'proper biker'.
((as far as waist coats are concerned)).

This, is that last waist coat for me.
when my last one basically disintegrated and forced me to take it out back of the shed and tearfully fire both barrels into its tired and sad little head....after swearing she would never endorse the purchase of another.........Off me and the Mrs pop to the motorcycle Narnia that is bikers paradise.

and what a beautiful slice of former cow it is.

it does all the waist coating that you'd expect, has all that waist coaty-ness that you'd want............ect ect

everyone has their own preference of style....this is mine. but if its got a BP label on it......its a good bit of kit.

As always.

See you on the road Brothers

? Folly ?

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