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Denim Bike Jeans London

Think you'll find the best denim bike jeans in London? Think again.

Bikers Paradise blue or black Rida denim jeans can be found in Coventry in the West Midlands and what a pedigree they are!

Bikers Paradise Rida Denim Jeans. Made up of: 14oz heavy duty blue or black denim. 100% Airtex cotton lining. *Reinforced with 100% genuine DuPont™ Aramid Kevlar® fibre.

Judging by our many outstanding customer reviews from all over the country, most think that our jeans are far superior to more expensive brands like Draggin Jeans. Read a few of our denim jeans reviews and see for yourself:

Kevlar Jeans Review
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How to Find Us.

You don't need to travel to Coventry to get your hands on our Rida denim jeans (but it's a good excuse to get the bike out, hey?). We offer a fantastic mail order service to London!

Delivery Info.

Kevlar Jeans Review
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