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The Importance of Lining

At first glance, the lining of motorcycle clothing may seem like a fairly insignificant thing

But when you give it further thought, you realise that the lining is just as important as the leather.

While it’s critical to wear motorcycle clothing made from a suitable thickness of leather, that part alone is rendered a lot less useful if the jacket or jeans are not lined in cotton.

Materials like acrylic and nylon should not be used as lining for motorcycle clothing. These man-made materials start life as a liquid and very quickly return to liquid form with friction, leading to skin burns.

A slide down the road, even at low speed, produces a lot of heat friction and if your leathers are lined in the above mentioned man-made materials, you could find that the lining melts in to your skin! This still happens even if the leather remains intact and doesn't wear through.

As you can imagine, this is a pretty horrific injury that can lead to skin grafts and a very painful recovery that will probably leave you scarred.

The answer to this is a high cotton content lining next to the skin. This natural material will not melt with friction and this is why we only use a cotton-rich lining in all of our motorcycle clothing, unlike many other brands.

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