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Bike Gear CE Markings & Regulations

When purchasing protective motorcycle clothing, it is important to know whether the garments you are considering are produced to at least a minimum CE standard.

What Does “CE Standards” Mean?

CE is the abbreviation of the French phrase “Conformité Européene” which translates to “European Conformity”.

If a product bears any type of CE marking, this means its manufacturer has constructed this garment to a relevant standard of safety and protection legislation.

This means the product is made to at least a certain level of quality for the consumer’s reassurance.

In 1995, Cambridge University played a huge part in the development of CE marking, which we had the privilege of attending and observing closely. This helped increase our knowledge of the intended CE personal protective clothing regulations.

It has never been possible to make it law that every motorcycle garment had to be produced to this standard (due to the fact that it wasn’t compulsory to wear a protective jacket or jeans). This would have meant that huge changes had to be made to the materials and construction methods used.

Also the law as regards to what you wear on a motorcycle would possibly need to be amended.

So many companies, even well-known brands, have never used any of the construction methods recommended.

Many companies actually attach disclaimers in their motorcycle clothing to state that it is not designed to be worn as protective clothing whilst riding a motorcycle.

Something to pay particularly close attention to is how a garment is CE marked. A trick a lot of companies use is that they supply CE marked armour in their clothing and so can attach a tie-on CE label to the garment, which can mislead the consumer to believe the whole garment is CE marked when only the armour is.

In this case, there’s little point in having CE marked armour in a garment that is not constructed to any CE standard. If the garment isn’t made to a high enough specification, it may well fall apart in the event of an accident, rendering the quality armour useless.

At Bikers Paradise, we are proud that our designs in motorcycle clothing are manufactured to a minimum CE standard and certified in conjunction with UK Trading Standards.

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