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Stitching and Thread

How is Your Motorcycle Clothing Held Together?

Most of us know the importance of leather when it comes to protective motorcycle clothing and a lot of us know that the lining is just as important.

But how many of us consider the actual stitching and thread that holds it all together?

It may sound like a small consideration but it’s not.

How much use will your leather jacket or leather jeans be if the thread used isn’t sufficient to withstand the assault of an accident?

To this day, a great majority of motorcycle garments use only top stitching where panels are placed on top of each other and either sewn with one or two rows externally.

This includes inner arms where only one row of internal stitching would usually be sewn as a flat seam which is insufficient as it is very weak and open to the elements.

Some of the type of thread used could eventually rot or be too thin in the first place and not strong enough for the leather used.

If not nylon-bonded, the tanning chemicals in the leather would have an adverse effect on the thread.

It is quite easy to imagine what would happen to this stitching when sliding down the road in an accident. Even at low speed, the thread disintegrates with the abrasive effect of the road.

The result of this would be the panel coming completely open and the flesh of the rider rubbing along the road (gravel rash).

How to do it Right

In order to alleviate this problem, internal stitching should be used on all vulnerable area seams before single or double top stitching (one of the construction methods you never see as it is inside the garment).

This internal stitching holds the garment together even though the top stitching has failed (worn away by road abrasion), thus allowing the leather to do its job and protect the body.

At Bikers Paradise, we always include internal stitching as well as top stitching with strong nylon-bonded thread to all vulnerable areas of motorcycle clothing. We even count the stitches per inch.

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